Gornji Kamenjak

The route starts at the car park at Premantura cemetery. Head north along the gravel path through the pine forest, which will take you to a clearing where you will see attractive olive groves and an educational path for the blind. Upon leaving the forest, a view of Pomer Bay with its numerous rocks and bridges will open up in front of you. In the cove, you will notice the base of a large cannon that was once used to target ships over the hill. Along the path, you can see the Stations of the Cross carved from stone excavated in the nearby Cava Romana quarry. While walking in Kamenjak, you will most probably be able to catch sight of Pula in the distance. After an asphalt section, the route descends to the cove and peninsula of Crvene Stijene (Red Rocks). This part of Kamenjak is known for its reddish-glassy rock structure. Continue over two hills to a large stone cross. From the path, you have a view of the sea and Porer lighthouse. The route next leads to a canyon which, together with the bunkers on the top of the hill, form part of a defensive line from Austro-Hungarian times. As you continue over the hill, you will soon catch the sight of the olive groves again. You return along a gravel path to Premantura car park, which was the starting point of this route.

The route is 7.8 km long and of medium difficulty. The tour takes an hour and a half. During the walk, you can admire the views of historic monuments and natural sights. Along the route, there is an educational path for the blind and stone sculptures that represent the Stations of the Cross.

  • Location Gornji Kamenjak
  • Distance 7.8 km
  • Starting point entrance to Prematura
  • End point entrance to Premantura
  • Difficultly medium
  • Elevation 168 m
  • Highest point 66 m
  • Lowest point 11 m
  • Surface asphalt and gravel
  • Duration 1.5 hours
  • Asphalt 0.1 km
  • Gravel 7.7 km
# Km Elevation Mark Location Direction
1. 0 54 m Premantura Start from Premantura cemetery car park and head north-west along the gravel road.
2. 0.7 61 m Forest widening Continue straight ahead along the gravel road.
3. 1.4 50 m Canyon Continue right with the canyon on your left.
4. 1.7 44 m Junction Continue right.
5. 2.6 27 m Junction Continue straight ahead along the gravel road.
5. 3.13 17 m Monte Kope Turn left onto the asphalt road.
6. 3.4 24 m Monte Kope Turn left from the asphalt road onto the gravel path.
7. 4.3 12 m Red Rocks Turn left from the gravel path onto the footpath and continue uphill.
8. 5.3 40 m Russian House (Piovi Kunfini) After the downhill part go around the stone house on the right and continue along the footpath.
9. 5.75 61 m Cross After reaching the top of the hill, turn left around the big cross.
10. 6 45 m Fort At the junction of the gravel paths, turn right onto the other side of the hill and continue through the canyon.
11. 6.6 54 m Canyon Immediately after the canyon, continue right along the attractive gravel path.
12. 6.9 55 m Gravel road At the junction with the footpath, continue right uphill.
13. 7.5 65 m Junction under the power lines At the top of the climb, go right onto the grass path.
14. 7.55 66 m Junction under the power lines At the junction, turn left downhill under the power line.
15. 7.3 44 m Olive grove wall At the end of the downhill section, continue left along the olive grove wall.
16. 7.55 55 m Lovro's House Go under the power line uphill to the house and turn left onto the gravel path.
17. 7.6 58 m Gravel road Continue south along the gravel path through the pine forest to the starting point of the route.