• Address: Indije 73
  • Postal code: HR-52100
  • Email: info@camp-peskera.com
  • Telefon: ++ 385 52 573 209
  • Mjesto: Banjole
  • Broj faxa: ++ 385 52 573 209

The Autocamp Peškera is situated in the south of the peninsula Istria, in the locality of Banjole, about 6 km from Pula. Istria is the largest adriatic peninsula and the westernmost region of Croatia. The region of Istria counts about 2400 sun hours during the year.

The highest air temperature in July amounts to about 26°C, while the highest sea temperature amounts to about 24°C. Istria has a mediterranes climate with mild winter and pleasant summer temperatures. In the south of the Istrian peninsula, cca 6 km from Pula, in Banjole, is situated "Autocamp Peškera". Our tradition and the seaside accommodation, in the shadow of old trees, offers each guest an ideal vacation.

Our guests can enjoy their vacation sourranded by the incontaminated nature. The Autocamp offers the high quality services, which will certainly satisfy your requirements.

In the nearness are several restaurants, while young people can enjoy music and dance on many surrounding terraces and discotheques. Visit us and convince yourselves of the beauty and the singularness of our Autocamp.